Who We Are

Hi! My name is Bina Ayesha Banks. I'm a certified Life, Mindfulness, CBT & Happiness Coach who specializes in bringing my clients confidence, resiliency and prosperity. My primary focus is in helping individuals with chronic pain illnesses find their happiness and regain their independence. 
My path to Life Coach Certification is admittedly a selfish one. I suffer from numerous chronic pain invisible diseases. I started studying Life Coaching as a means to help me cope with my illnesses. My road to confidence and resiliency was rocky and still is at times. Through guidance from mentors and coaches, along the way, I found my purpose. 
My life lessons, along with the skills obtained through Life Coaching Certification, helps guide my clients to set their goals in motion. What starts off as an obstacle becomes an opportunity. I empower my clients to follow and trust the purpose for their lives. 
As your Confidence and Resiliency Coach, I'll help you discover what's really most important to you in your life.
I'll help you design a plan to achieve those things which will include making positive life statements and mind thoughts a habit.
I will work with you to eliminate any obstacles or blocks that stand in your way.
I offer individual services, group programs and seminars. As an Alliance, I partner with coaches from all areas to offer my clients support in whatever area they want and/or need to be successful.

We Are Not

We are NOT Judgmental

We do not and will not judge or criticize our client's way of life in any way.

We are NOT Counselors

We will not counsel our clients into revisiting past traumas or emotions to facilitate healing.

We are NOT Friends

BAye Coaching Alliance has an obligation to stay impartial and unbiased to the client and their circumstances while desiring the best outcome for the client and their goals.

We will NOT tell you if you're right or wrong

We are not allowed to tell a client if they are right or wrong. We are solely here to help you discover your path and unlock answers for yourself.

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BAye Coaching Alliance

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