Building a Foundation of Life Confidence and Resiliency for Chronically Ill Women

Take Back Your Life with Confidence and Resiliency Coaching for Chronically Ill Women

 Don't let your chronic illness control your life – take charge and start living again with the help of a professional coach.

BAye Coaching Alliance offers Confidence & Resiliency Coaching to the Chronically Ill Women

Our Confidence & Resiliency Coaching for the Chronically Ill offers programs that focus on you while teaching you to live beyond your illness. We help you to believe and achieve in having your best self front and center. These Chronically Ill Coaching programs are uniquely designed for you and in building a stronger relationship with self. Now it's time take a hold of each and every one of the lies you've been telling yourself, release them and step forward into a new day and new light.

Before we journey into discovering peace, love, success and happiness, ask yourself:

  • What version of you is currently showing up today?
  • What version of you would you like to be present each day?

Where Do We Begin?

With the Condition of Your Heart

What you feel, what you say and what you believe about yourself represents the condition of your heart. Happiness, joy, peace and success can not flow from a tainted heart. You can mask brokenness within, you can hide negative self talk, you can overlook the anger that embeds itself in your spirit. All these things you pour out into the world because it comes from your heart and it takes hold of your reality.

You are not the titles that people cast upon you. You are not the sum total of your illness(es). You have been broken by your health but that doesn't mean that you can't live in your purpose. Together we can put you back together from your broken spirit.

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